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Over 20 Years of Experience Roofing in Niagara

JPG Roofing was started by members of Lou's Roofing when they decided to start their own roofing service. The core group of 5-6 members have stuck together ever since and remain determined to continue to provide the local community with quality roofing solutions. JPG Roofing takes great pride in the fact that all crew members have clean record checks which translates into the utmost respect for our clients.

JPG Roofing is family-owned by fellow members of the Niagara region. The Guitard family has an extensive line of roofers with over 20 years of experience in the industry. As a result, we offer a wide range of solutions for your home and provide quality assurance to make sure you are satisfied with the end result. All our operations are licensed, insured and WSIB compliant in making sure our employees are taken care of.

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Top-Notch Service

We provide competitively priced products and roofing services to enhance your property.

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