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Ice and Snow Repairs in Niagara

JPG Roofing & Construction offers solutions for ice and snow repair in Niagara. If your roof had ice damming problems last year, there is a good chance you will again this year unless you are able to take timely action. Professional snow and ice repair services can help avoid the risk of personal injury as well as damage to your roof and building structure. This is very important for businesses with traffic areas such as sidewalks or plazas, because the liability must be taken into consideration.

While all roofs are susceptible to damage from snow and ice build-up, flat roofs are particularly at risk. The sheer weight of the snow or ice can cause them to cave in. When faced with an accumulation of snow on your building, it is advisable to call for a snow repair expert as trying to clear the snow yourself can be extremely dangerous. Not only are you putting yourself at risk but inexperienced handling can also cause serious damage to your roof.


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