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Soffit, Fascia, Siding and Roofing Estimates in the Niagara Region

If you live in the Niagara region, leave the roofing estimates, soffits, fascia and siding work to JPG Roofing & Construction.

The soffit and fascia both play a crucial role in the look and function of your home. The soffit is used to cover the under-hang of your roof and gables, and can protect from animal intrusion as well as providing intake ventilation for your attic. Aluminum fascia is used as a cladding (to cover bare wood) which seals the ends of your eaves and provides a surface for the installation of the eavestrough.

At JPG Roofing & Construction, we know that proper installation of fascia and soffits is important as they protect the eaves area of the roof and building from water damage as well as animal intrusion. They also provide a maintenance-free, enhanced finished appearance for your residential building in the Niagara area. Materials are also available in a variety of colors that you can use to make sure your building stands out from the block.

Important Tips

When selecting the right soffit, fascia and siding materials, you should keep in mind that:

Soffit and fascia installations today are mostly completed in aluminum. A variety of colours and material gauges help enhance the visual appearance of the building exterior.
Protecting difficult access areas such as wood fascias and soffits eliminates the need for dangerous access or painting.
Siding materials are available in vinyl, aluminum and cement fiber which provide low maintenance, durability and are available in various styles and profiles.
Installing new siding provides the opportunity to install proper vapor retarders such as Tyvec, building wrap and exterior insulation.
Some heritage, historic or classic buildings may have a wood-based soffit and fascia that can be restored with cedar, or tongue and groove cedar or pine.
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